Blooming Boys NO.1-蜜桂少年 夏夏 全 JIAN版大陆男模杂志

Release date: Jan, 1, 2018
Page: E-magazine, 50p
Introduction: When I first met Xia Xia, I thought he was very similar to the actor Liu Haoran from mainland China. He didn't have big muscles, but he had a warm heart under his shy and lovely smile. As the series' first boy he is in full swing for many shoots and is featured on the cover of "Blooming Boys" hardcover books. The content includes several sets of his hd photo and art collection pictures.
Disclaimer: E-book is for art learning only. The purpose of creation is to take artistic expression as the starting point, which may contain adult contents, may not contain naked sexual organs, it is strictly prohibited for minors to read, resale and other illegal ACTS. The author owns the copyright and the right of portrait of the model, and shall bear serious legal consequences for the bad effects caused by unauthorized reproduction and other ACTS.
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简介:初识夏夏,觉得他与中国大陆的男演员“刘昊然”非常相像,他没有大块的肌肉,但是羞涩可爱的笑容下,他有一颗温暖的心。作为系列的首位男孩,他倾力出演了许多组拍摄,并且他也是“Blooming Boys”精装书的封面人物。内容收录了他多组高清写真和艺术集图片。

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